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You may have heard that Not in the Guidebooks is crowdfunding – we’re looking for travellers, hosts, and agents who want to join our journey and share in our success. What you may not have heard, is that our campaign is currently in private mode. That means we’re giving some of our favourite people (including you) exclusive access to the campaign at an early stage before we launch on Wednesday 5th of August. Follow this link, and you’ll be able to get in before everyone else – and be quick, because there’s only a limited amount of space available.

And this got us thinking – we do love things to be a little bit private. So, this week, we’re celebrating all of the most amazingly personal and private experiences we have to offer. From getting lost on a bespoke city tour, to escaping into nature, these trips will give you the chance to just get away from it all, and get right to the heart of somewhere completely new to you.


The City in the Rainforest – discover Bogota and Cartegena

cobbled street lined with old buildings

This experience is the perfect balance between taking a walk on the wild side, and immersing yourself in a vibrant city. Starting off in the city of Bogota, you’ll discover the past and present of Colombia, visiting bustling city markets and iconic historical sites. Get lost amongst the unfamiliar faces, before heading into the heart of the Amazon rainforest looking out for eye-catching wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else. Then, finish your experience in Cartagena, exploring the historic streets of the old town, and some of the most breath-taking examples of Spanish colonial architecture the world over.


Romantic Escape to the Northern Lights

woman drinking champagne in Finnish snow hut

You can’t get much further away than this. In fact, the land of the midnight sun – the far north of Finland – is the ideal place for some peace and quiet, shared with a loved one. You’ll be transferred directly into the heart of the Arctic wilderness, where you’ll spend a weekend hunkered down in a completely private cabin. Accompanied, of course, by some of the darkest skies, and clearest starlight you’ll ever experience. Join your hosts of an evening to venture even deeper into the wild, chasing the Aroura Borealis – the Northern Lights – to add an even more magical touch to this adventure.

A Taste of Rural Scotland

glass pouring oil over salmon fillet

Western Scotland boasts some of the most majestic and drastic natural landscapes in all of the UK. Wide, clear lochs, and sweeping moors of heather dotted with dark stone buildings and black-faced sheep. It’s a perfect escape for anyone who doesn’t want to travel too far. On this trip, you’ll stay in a traditional Scottish cottage, and a local host will show you some of Mid-Argyl’s best kept secrets. But that’s not all. You’ll also meet local, Scottish chefs who will take you through preparing some of the finest dishes in the Scottish cuisine. Escape the hustle and bustle, and come home with a collection of recipes sure to impress any dinner party.


Wild Atlantic Wexford

Wild Atlantic coast line with wild flowers

If you’re looking for some adventure while you’re getting away, then this experience is perfect for you. Join Graham – Wexford born and bred – to discover the stunning scenery of Ireland’s wild Atlantic coast. Try your hand at kayaking through the ocean, canyoning along the coastline, and cycling along well-hidden country paths, to see the landscape and its abundance of wildlife from every angle. With limited light pollution, it’s also a great place to stargaze, or simply enjoy the fresh, clear air. And, of course, experience the famed Irish hospitality in local village pubs and restaurants.


A Study in Contrast – Fire and Ice in Iceland

man stands under waterfall in Iceland

Iceland is a land of contrast – with huge glaciers stretching as far as the eye can see, to boiling hot geysers dotted across the country. It’s an amazing place to visit, not in the least because Iceland has one of the lowest population densities in the world – so you’ll always have at least a little bit of privacy, no matter where you are. This experience will take you on a cruise beneath the northern lights, through an ancient lava tunnel formed in the ice millennia ago, and across the wild and fascinating vistas that Iceland has to offer.

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