Why Are We Crowdfunding?

Not in the Guidebooks is crowdfunding! Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been quietly kicking off he pre-registration period for our crowdfunding campaign, ahead of our main launch on Wednesday 22nd July. We want to build a collective of travellers, agents, and local hosts, to make sure absolutely everyone can share in our success, and ultimately discover a better way to travel. But why now? And where will the money be going? What are our plans for growth going forward, and how will we explode out of lockdown in a stronger position than ever before? Read on to discover.

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Why now?

Our research has shown that coming out of lockdown, the way people travel is going to fundamentally change. Firstly, people will be looking for much more personal, individualised trips. They will be looking to avoid typical tourist traps, getting away from the heaving masses for an experience this is much more private, and much more authentic. Secondly, the pandemic has seen a shift towards people shopping locally and thinking responsibly. Travellers are looking to mirror this in their holidays, with experiences that are sustainable and responsible taking top positions on wish lists.

Not in the Guidebooks offers exactly these kinds of experiences. This puts us in pole position to become the world’s number 1 provider of authentic, local, responsible travel experiences across the globe as we come out of lockdown. We are raising funds to super-charge this growth, and we want you to share in this success!

Where is the money going?

This fundraising round will be funding three key things: content, product, and tech.

We want to make sure you have a great idea of all the experiences we have to offer, without leaving the comfort of your couch. We want to show off our local hosts and their passion for what they do on the website and beyond. So, it’s crucial that we spend some time and money developing amazing video and photographic content. Creating a bank of content like this will also help excite new customers, so they can discover the benefits of authentic, local travel experiences too!

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We already have a catalogue of almost 1,000 things to do across the globe, lasting from a few hours to a few days to a whole week. But we’re never satisfied. We want to dedicate even more time to scouring the map, making contact with local hosts, and discovering some of the world’s best-kept secrets. If you join us as an investor, you can help guide this search, so we’ll be discovering experiences you know you’ll love.

It’s a tech-savvy world that we live in. We’ve spent the last few years building an awesome and beautifully designed website, and now we want to take that even further. We are developing live availability, meaning you can book your experiences at the touch of a button, and an app that will show you all the best things to do in your location. Join us now, and you’ll have exclusive early access to all of this technology!

What’s this about the government’s Future Fund initiative?

We’re crowdfunding as part of the government’s Future Fund initiative. That means that every pound and penny that we raise in investment through this campaign will be doubled by the government. Just another reason why now is the perfect time. Find out more about what the Future Fund means to you here.

Still have one or two questions to mull over? Get in touch – we’d be more than happy to chat you through them. We’re looking forward to you joining us on our journey, and sharing in our success.

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