The Future of Travel

What will the future of travel look like? Once this crisis subsides and we can return to exploring again, how will things be different? Of course, it’s impossible to predict the future, and we are living in uncertain times at the moment. But there are some trends emerging that show how people may want to be travelling in the coming months and years. Things like travelling more individually – away from large crowds. Or supporting smaller, local communities that have been hardest hit by the virus. And of course, spending quality time making memories with loved ones. We’ve pulled out the three biggest take-aways – have a look below for our thoughts!


Travelling individually

It’s not about travelling alone. Far from it. Jessica Griscavage, director of marketing at McCabe World Travel said she expects an increase in smaller group trips, with people avoiding overcrowded tourist hotspots. “Families haven’t been able to be together,” she said. “I think we’re going to see a lot of family and multi-gen travel but in a different way.” For her, families will be moving away from large hotels, towards staying in villas and private homes – basically any experiences that feel “less crowded.” It’s not just a question of safety. These kinds of trips and experiences will also give families who may have been separated for the past few months the chance to be together again in a safe environment.

More mindful trips

Saul Lipchick of the South China Morning Post thinks travellers will be considering the impact of their trips more. He points to how the pandemic has highlighted the effect of mass tourism both on local communities and on the natural world around us. Travellers, he says, will move away from seeking that over-done holiday photo, and instead will give “more consideration…to how both one’s presence and pennies impact the local community and environment.” And he thinks could have a very significant impact, with people “only opting for those experiences that promote the health and well-being of people and planet.” Sustainability and responsibility will be even more appealing for travellers in the near future.


Experience the world

We’ve all been cooped up inside for quite a while now. People are keen to get out and about. But they won’t be satisfied with cookie-cutter tours that barely scratch the surface of the place they visit. They want to get under the skin, to really experience everything the world has to offer. According to Andrea Oschetti, Founder of travel company Blueflower, people will be looking for travel experiences that are “life-enriching and values-based.” Experiences that help them follow their passions or discover new things. Holidays that really add something.

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