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Cycling holidays are without doubt one of the very best ways of getting far off the beaten track and out into the untouched parts of a country, all in an eco-friendly way that really helps you get in touch with a landscape. Whether that’s crashing along natural mountain bike trails in Snowdonia, exploring the streets of Madrid, venturing into the countryside of Cambodia or sweeping along the country roads of Umbria, Not In The Guidebooks have a cycling holiday to suit you.

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Discover the colourful streets of Rio from a unique perspective, in a country so vast and diverse that to discover it all, you really want two wheels.

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Discover shimmering rice plantations, beautiful old temples and rural communities by getting out of the cities and off the beaten track.

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Is there a better way of spending an afternoon than gliding from ancient vineyard to trendsetting winery, sampling incredible wine and soaking up the beautiful scenery?

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In a country where the cities can feel suffocating at times, there's no greater feeling than escaping the city and cycling in the clean fresh air, making incredible discoveries along the way.

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Plunging sea cliffs where mist drifts up off the crashing waves, beautiful rolling hills and atmospheric towns that crackle with energy, discover all that, and so much more.

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Whether it's cycling out over the causeway of Assisi under the heart-stoppingly beautiful town itself, or exploring the fascinating backcountry of Puglia, cycling holidays in Italy leave lasting impressions.

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Portugal isn't just the mainland, the otherworldly, prehistoric feeling Azores offer cycling holidays like nowhere else, exploring volcano crater lakes and steaming jungle.

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Although the centre of Edinburgh is one of the romantically beautiful cities in the world, there are many adventures to be had just a little further afield.

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South Africa

Explore beautiful beaches complete with crowds of penguins, stunning vineyards backed by flat-topped mountains, and the vibrant city streets of Cape Town.

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Madrid packs a lot into its city limits, so to really explore the lot and get to grips with the city, a cycling tour is a must. It's also a must to see the real coastlines Barcelona, or the lesser-known San Sebastian.

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Sri Lanka

The jewel of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an emerald landscape of lush jungle and tea plantations, heart-stopping hill country and beautiful beaches, and it's best explored by bike.

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Jumping onto a bike in Thailand and heading out with a local is a sure way of experiencing truly authentic experience that gets you out of town, to traditional fishing villages and rural outposts.

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It's easy to be sucked in by Vietnam's incredible towns and cities, but exploring beyond the limits, drifting through rice fields and past villages heady with the soft scent of incense, is always incredibly rewarding.

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Welcome to the adventure capital of Europe, and a chance to get out of the mountain biking centre and deep into the landscape that mountain biking is designed for - the mountains.

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Cycling holidays blazing trails around the globe

Where will your next cycling adventure take you?

Explore beyond the city in Cambodia and Vietnam, seek out rural experiences and vast salt lakes in India, cruise the magical country roads of Umbria, and get off the beaten track on the magical island of Sri Lanka.

Alternatively, explore beautiful cities and get the most out of your day in the stunning Edinburgh, glide through the atmospheric streets of Krakow or discover the most fascinating and unique parts of Madrid.

Then, for the adventure junkies, we’ve got cycling holidays that take you on natural mountain bike trails through Snowdonia, along the wild Irish coast or through the jaw-dropping volcanoes and lakes of the Azores.

Or bike and wine in France, discovering ancient vineyards and beautiful chateaux. The only limit to what you see on your next cycling holiday is your imagination.

Cycling holidays that go further and better

Our cycling holidays are led by local guides who ensure you see the very best sights, ride the best trails, and reach those corners of a country rarely seen by other tourists.

An instructor in Snowdonia would take you away from the mountain bike centre and into the wilderness that is the adventure heartland of Europe, helping you find incredible natural trails.  A guide in France would lead you to generations-old, traditionally-run vineyards that give you a glimpse of past decades and centuries. Your host in Cambodia will take you to a rural community that is rarely visited by tourists to experience some true Cambodian culture.

Whatever your interests, with Not In The Guidebooks there is a cycling holiday just waiting to be discovered today.

Who are our cycling holiday guests?

Whether you’ve not ridden a bike since you were twelve, head out for long journeys every weekend, or just want to breathe some fresh air and discover a new place – everyone is welcome on one of our unique cycling holidays.

All that’s required is a passion for discovering new places and new cultures, a curiosity as to what might be lying just outside the city limits, and lots of energy.

Hundreds of people are already learning that their holidays are being richly rewarded by strapping on their helmet, jumping in the saddle and seeing where the road takes them. Come and join them.

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