Verona’s Must See Attractions in 2021

Check out our suggestions on Verona’s Must See Attractions. This Italian city is rich with life and culture, there will be something for everyone.

Castle San Pietro

Castle San Pietro offers the best panoramic views of the city. You can really take in Verona from a bird’s eye view and understand its lay of the land much better. If you wish to walk up the hill then we would highly recommend taking a bottle of water with you as it can be a bit of hard work. Alternatively, the funicular offers a unique way to travel and only costs a few euros for return.

Our local host Virginia says: ‘I love taking the funicular where you can reach the highest point in the city and you can see the view of the whole city at the top. It’s where I used to go when I was a teenage, you’d grab a beer and spend the night there chatting. It’s near the Roman theatre so If you’re lucky you will be able to hear a concert.’

Juliet’s House

Juliet’s house holds historical literature importance as it is the setting for Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy Romeo & Juliet. This is a popular attraction in Verona so you should get there early to avoid the crowds. Unless you are a die hard Shakespeare fan we don’t think you would need to spend much time here. The courtyard is quite small and though it is nice to visit we believe that are more treasures waiting to be discovered around the city that will be less busy.

Stroll Through the Parks

‘There are also a lot of green parks in Italy, it is nice to walk through them in the evening. I particularly like Piazza Bra, also know as the heart of Verona. The locals frequent this square to just relax and enjoy the evening; we would often take a drink which signifies to us the end of the day.’ – Virginia


Opera’s  in Verona are performed in the oldest amphitheatre in the World. The building work was completed in 30 AD and it began hosting operatic performances during the renaissance period. This venue holds a plethora of history and to witness a show inside it is truly breath-taking. Be sure to get to know the people sat behind you if you are sat in the traditional seating because there feet will act as the back of your chair. We would certainly recommend taking a cushion of sorts to maximise your comfort throughout the show. You can opt for more modern seating but you wont get the true atmosphere of what it would have been like to see a performance all of those centuries ago.

Even if you are not a big fan of opera, the shows in this venue are always magical. It must be noted that the opera is only performed seasonally due to the amphitheatre being open air. If you wish to see the opera then you must visit Verona during the summer.

Wineries outside of Verona

If there’s something that the locals in Verona know about, its their wines. Virginia, says that ‘every local in Verona knows about wine, it’s unusual to come across someone who doesn’t. Wine is part of our cities’ tradition. I would always suggest booking a wine tour. There are some gorgeous wineries not far outside of Verona which are famous for creating Amarone wine which is stunning. Personally I don’t have a favourite winery to recommend. It definitely depends on the season and what mood you’re in but you can’t really go wrong when visiting some of the smaller places. This is because they have so much heart in their wine making.’

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