Puglia & Basilicata Gourmet Tour


What you'll do

Puglia: Traditional Lunch & Wine Tasting

Collection point: Brindisi Airport AM

We will pick you up at Brindisi airport in the morning. Your first destination is a short 30 minute drive away. Your accommodation is a traditional “masseria” on the outskirts of Ostuni. Masserias are typical Apulian farms. By staying in the farmhouse you will experience the most authentic, rural Italian lifestyle and a relaxed atmosphere.

After check in, we’ll escort you to a magnificent lunch in a cozy restaurant in Ostuni, one of the most famous Apulian little towns. You will be served a “gourmet menu” made by the “cuochi”, the resident chefs that run the kitchen of this lovely osteria (tavern). Get ready for an incredible journey among the most delicious and traditional Apulian flavours. The gourmet menù will be accompanied by excellent wines, carefully selected from the best producers in the area.

After lunch, you’ll have some free time to freshen up at the hotel and enjoy the surroundings of this gorgeous property.

We’ll meet again in the late afternoon and visit one of the best wineries in the area. This unique winery is fascinating as the local farmers still apply historical knowledge of wine making in order to give us excellent wines, that of course you will taste.

Once you have experienced the wines, we will take you back to the masseria in time for an inclusive dinner.

Puglia: Apulian Cooking Class & Evening Aperitivo

Are you ready for a traditional Apulian cooking class?

Today you’ll learn how to make “orecchiette alle cime di rapa”, which is, without a doubt, the most famous Apulian dish in the world. You will eat your delicious creation for lunch and accompany it with a unique “Rosolio” tasting. Rosolio is a traditional home-made liqueur made with rose petals, it is a floral drink with a hint of spice.

After some time to rest, we will meet again at 5 pm  for an evening visit to the beautiful small town of San Vito dei Normanni. You will be delighted by the beauty of this gorgeous town, which dates back to the Bronze Age so get ready for fantastic photo opportunities!

Our day will end with a typical “Apulian Aperitivo” with a surprise. Did you know San Vito is known as the capital of traditional Apulian music?

Puglia: Visit to Ostuni Town

In the morning we will leave the masseria for our second destination, a lovely boutique hotel in the heart of Ostuni, otherwise known as the “White City”.

Ostuni is a white pearl situated on the Adriatic coast of Italy, famous for its picturesque historic centre, consisting of white washed houses and buildings that date back to the Middle Age. The historic, architectural and cultural appeal of Ostuni lies in its  characteristic alleys, adorned with beautiful flowers. You’ll find an incredible number of deli and gourmet stores and lovely souvenirs shops.

You will spend the day exploring and discovering the hidden secrets of the citadel. Dinner tonight is included.

Puglia: Visit to Alberobello & Olive Orchard

Today you will visit the beautiful Alberobello (the “Trulli” town) which is part of a UNESCO Heritage site. Here you will experience the flavours of the famous “Apulian salumerie”, cheese and salami.

In the afternoon, we will visit an incredible millennia  old olive orchard, one of the most famous in the world. Get ready for a breathtaking experience!

Learn the essential stages of producing excellent organic olive oil. You will get to know the variety of the unique olive trees at the orchard and how they are taken care of. End the visit with a unique opportunity to taste the olive oil that the orchard produces.

In the evening, pack your cases for tomorrow we will leave for the beautiful town of Matera, the “Città dei Sassi (“Stone City”).

Basilicata: Traditional Farm Visit & Wine Tasting

We’ll leave in the morning to Matera, and cross the borders of Puglia to enter the Basilicata region. Along the way, we will stop at a traditional farm where, guided by the local farmer, you will observe the making process of mozzarella and burrata mozzarella.

Matera has been nominated as the European Capitol of Culture and is truly stunning You will fall immediately in love with its beautiful and romantic landscapes.

Your stay in Basilicata will be in a historical old mansion, where you can experience the cosy, magic and unique atmosphere of the city. We’ll have a gourmet lunch in one of the most traditional restaurants in the town, with a special tasting of Apulia wines, such as  Primitivo di Manduria, Aglianico and Aleatico. These wines will be accompanied with a selection of locally produced cured meats.

In the afternoon, we will explore the hidden corners of this fascinating city, and of course its history. Dinner is included at a local pizzeria, Pizza Lucana.

Basilicata: Visit Matera & An Artisan Bakery

After breakfast we will leave Matera behind, because the perfumed Altamurais is waiting for us. Why perfumed? Well, because Altamura is world famous for its gourmet bread, “il pane di Altamura”.

Once there, after a visit to the gorgeous downtown, we will meet one of the artisans who has dedicated his life to the production of this delicious bread. We will hear the incredible story of his life and of course we will taste his work.

For lunch a special surprise is waiting for us. After your surprise, spend your afternoon enjoying Matera at your own pace. We will meet again in the evening for our “arrivederci dinner”.

Travel Home

We will take you to Bari Airport for 9.30 am. Several daily direct connections to Rome and Milan Linate leave each day. Ask me if you need help about sorting flights out.

Your local host

Angelina Fadda

Tell me a little bit about yourself

I am Sardinian but was born in the North of Italy, my parents decided to return to Sardinia when I was 8 because Sardinian people have a strong attachment and bond with the island where we lived in Oristano. What I do is my passion, I am very lucky. I love travelling and would say I am a globe trotter. When I have spare time I always just take a flight and travel anywhere. I lived in San Francisco for a year and there I had a chance to improve my English especially because for Italians it is not easy learning English because of our complex way of thinking, our language has a lot of words and so we often find it difficult to translate into the correct English words.

What inspired you?

I graduated in Italian modern literature, whilst I was studying I was very conscious of the food that I was eating because I am diabetic. I have always been passionate about food because I have to control everything that I consume so that I remain healthy. Once I graduated, I applied and completed a masters in Italian gourmet food and the tourism industry. The course I did was the first time they did it and they only chose 20 people from all over Italy to attend it and I was lucky enough to be one of them. Immediately after that I managed the tourist office in Oristano and maintained the European relations to help organise people.

By chance after travelling in Canada where I met another Italian lady who had a chain of high-class restaurants who suggested opening a Sardinian gourmet food export company because she was frustrated that she could never get her hands on the best food that we had. And so, I started working with her and we decided to set up this company where I would export the best Sardinian food products to the international market and created relations with importers all over the world. I started working with an importer from Australia who I did business with who encouraged me to think of a way to demonstrate to people why the products that Sardinian has is premium. He suggested to take groups of people around Sardinian and Italy so that they can experience the bakeries and wineries on small gourmet tours. We soon saw that this kind of tour was extremely popular and so I decided to change and start just doing the tours.

What is unique about your tours?

I don’t do anything mainstream touristic; I take people off the beaten track. I don’t take people to big restaurants or big hotels and make sure they experience places with real personality. For example, on the tours we stay in Masseria which are small farms in the country which have a true personality as they are connected to traditions. At the same time though they are still elegant, country chic would be the style. Every experience I do is very immersive, I try and give people emotions to involve them with cooking classes and interactions with local families. I am always there and participate with my guests to make sure that they are comfortable. You don’t have to think about anything, just come enjoy and relax and get to know the real soul of Italy. I sell slow tours, not because we do few things but because you have a chance to enter and experience the real Italy.

What do you focus on?

I really love Puglia and Calabria because of the people. They are all very authentic and kind and I work very well with the people here. I always try and have a relationship with the people we visit in the tour and become friends with them to ensure a close relationship with them. The exchange of good energy between these people makes the experiences special because if I cultivate that kind of energy then my guests will also feel that. Ethics are an important part of what I do. I try to be honest, even when I pay the hosts and I always try to recognise the value of what they do to ensure that I am always fair with them.

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