Reykjavik Northern Lights Cruise


  • Search for the Northern Lights in a comfortable boat
  • Guided by an expert captain and knowledgable local crew
  • Indoor heated saloon with bar and toilets
  • Panoramic viewing platform
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What you'll do

Search for Aurora Borealis away from the city lights, on this thrilling winter cruise. Northern Lights are best displayed under dark, clear skies. You can find these conditions from September until the end of April in Reykjavík. Watching the lights constantly change in intensity, colour and movement in the vast starry space with the gentle lull of the ocean beneath is a thrilling, unique experience.

Hunting the Auroras by boat gives you more comfort as we have heated inside areas, an onboard café and great 360° viewing platform for panoramic views. Our expert aurora guides help you enjoy the lights and cruise to the fullest by giving you information about the auroras as well as answering any questions you may have. They even take pictures on the tour which you can request by email when you get back home! You can borrow one of our overalls to keep you warm, just remember to bring a hat and gloves.

Meet us at the Old Harbour in downtown Reykjavík  and we will take you out into the dark blue yonder of Faxaflói bay in search for the mystical phenomenon that are the auroras; leaving behind the bright city lights of the northernmost capital in the world, Reykjavík. 

As the northern lights are a natural phenomenon we cannot guarantee that we will see them, but we are professional aurora hunters with years of experience searching for the lights around Reykjavík. For a good aurora pursuit we need three things; solar activity, clear skies and darkness. We know that you don’t have many days to search for the lights and that the weather can change in mere minutes, anywhere from a full cloud forecast to clear skies. We want to maximise your chance the best we can and so we will always give it a go, unless the sea conditions are too rough. Our searching area is close to shores and around small islands, far enough away from city lights but optimal for a smooth and comfortable sailing. 

If the lights fail to make an appearance we will offer you a complimentary ticket to try again another day. You are free to try as many times as needed (within two years) to catch the show – at no extra cost!

What's included


  • Warm waterproof overalls
  • Friendly expert crew
  • Northern Lights promise (or try again for free)
Your local host

Rannveig and Team

We are a female led - family-owned boat tour operator that spans 4 generations of Icelanders. The company started out in 2000 due to the family's common interest in wildlife, boats and people and running whale watching tours were the perfect way to unite these factors, while giving locals and tourists the chance to experience Iceland’s marine life.

Rannveig and Team image


Your trip will take place off the coast of Reykjavik. A beautiful coastal town and the Northern most capital in the world. You will need to get away from the city lights as you hunt for the Northern Lights but your trip back into the Old Harbour will provide some beautiful views of the city.

Start times:
1 September – 30 September at 22:00
1 October – 14 March at 21:00
15 March – 15 April at 22:00


What should I bring?

Warm clothes are a must! It's always colder at sea than on land. Sturdy shoes are also a good idea.

What if I don't see the lights?

You will be able to return and try again as many times as you want for 2 years until you see the lights.

What time does this start?

Start times:
1 September - 30 September at 22:00
1 October - 14 March at 21:00
15 March - 15 April at 22:00

For what ages do youth rates apply?

7-15 years of age.

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