Why Choose a Language Holiday?

Many people might struggle to understand why we would choose a language holiday as part of our precious time off. Connotations with textbooks, blackboards and stern teachers may spring to mind, but these couldn’t be further from what happens on a language holiday with Not In The Guidebooks.

In this blog, we’ll outline what a language holiday involves, why they prove so popular amongst our travellers, and why you might consider one for the next time you venture to another country.

What is a language holiday?

A language holiday with Not In The Guidebooks is an opportunity to truly broaden your horizons, to immerse yourself in a new and alien culture, and come away feeling enriched by a travel experience.

The idea of all our language holidays is that you really get to know a destination, with some time spent in the classroom with other, like minded travellers, and the rest of your time immersing yourself in a city, enjoying great new experiences that give you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.

Whether it’s learning French in Lyon or Spanish in Seville, your hosts will ensure you can pack your free time with a host of social and cultural activities, from food tastings to guided tours, out of town excursions to activities with the locals.

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All of these activities give you the opportunity to bond with your fellow classmates, who you will join in interactive lessons with passionate, highly qualified teachers.

You can also combine learning a language with your current hobby, or a new skill you want to learn such as cooking, painting, hiking or surfing.

All in all, you’ll combine the learning of new skills that will stand you in good stead for a lifetime with fun, cultural activities that help you get under the skin of a destination, all with a sociable group of curious travellers who share the same interests as you.

Why do our guests love language holidays?

Learning a language in itself is a hugely valuable skill, as it can help you think in new ways, communicate effectively with people of another nationality, and open your eyes to different ways of seeing the world.

By heading to the country in which the language is spoken natively, you’ll find your language skills come on leaps and bounds, as you find yourself immersed in a world where the language you’re trying to learn is simply everywhere you look.

Popular Language Holidays


Learn French & Cooking in Toulouse

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Learn Italian and Painting in Florence

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Learn Spanish & Flamenco in Malaga

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Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish & Tango in Buenos Aires

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But it’s key to point out that the learning of a new language is only part of the reason our guests choose language holidays with Not In The Guidebooks. We’ll also help you really get to grips with the country, the city and the culture you are visiting, with experiences designed to get you off the beaten track, away from the tourist honey pots and to a place where you can really see what life is like for the locals.

You’ll leave with a new appreciation of a wherever you choose to take your language holiday, whether you’ve been learning to tango in Buenos Aires, learning to surf on the stunning Costa Rican coast or mastering authentic Italian food in beautiful Florence.

And by learning the language of your host country, you’ll be able to talk, listen, and think like a local – the only way to truly experience another country like a local.

Who goes on language holidays?

Language aficionados, people planning to brush up on their rusty GCSE French, or simply those on the hunt for new experiences, we welcome everyone and anyone to our language holidays.

You’ll meet people of all ages from all over the world, all united by a love of learning something new and travelling to new places.

Regardless of what your aims are for your holiday, your host will ensure you head home with a precious collection of new memories, and a burning desire to return to what feels almost like a new home.

Here at Not In The Guidebooks, we always aim to immerse our travellers in the culture of the destination they visit. To do this, we put them in touch with the people who live that culture – the locals. This means our guests don’t just see the classic tourist sights before heading home, they get off the beaten track and discover the hidden gems that most miss, and experience a place from a totally unique perspective compared to most that visit.

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