Dance Holidays – Do I Need a Partner?

Fancy a dancing holiday but don’t have a partner? Dancing holidays are actually hugely popular with solo travellers, offering you the chance to learn or improve a skill (or two!) while meeting plenty of other people. And, if you fancy learning ballroom or the Argentine tango, don’t let your lack of a partner put you off.

It’s a question we have often encountered over the years and an easy one to answer.

Huge numbers of single travellers take to dance floors across the world every year for everything from ballroom and Flamenco lessons to salsa dance courses. Consequently, our dance schools are used to welcoming single guests who can be easily paired up with other solo travellers or even local dance students.

Top dance holidays where you don’t need a partner

  • Flamenco dance holiday in Seville, Spain: when it comes to Flamenco, it really is all about you – this dance needs no partner and you will be joining a sociable and fun group class at a friendly local Flamenco school
  • Spanish and salsa in Granada, Spain: these salsa lessons are focused on ‘Salsa en Línea’ and ‘Bachata Sensual’ and are a great way to develop your language skills at the same time


flamenco dance students in studio lesson in Spain

Learn to dance Flamenco in its birthplace of Andalucia

Who will I be dancing with during the lessons?

With most dance classes offering a fun and sociable atmosphere, those who book alone needn’t worry they will be dancing with the same partner all week and will find that even couples who booked together are eager to improve their moves by cutting a rug with their new classmates.

On many holidays, you’ll find your hosts have taken care to welcome an equal number of men and women, meaning there is not only a great balance of people but females needn’t fret that they will be forced to dance ‘the man’s steps’.

In other places, schools use taxi dancers: nimble-footed locals who ensure there are enough men and women to go around, as well as allow a steady flow of dance partners.

You may even book yourself onto a holiday with private dance lessons meaning that not only will you get excellent one-to-one feedback on your moves & steps, but also dance exclusively with the experts!

So what are you waiting for? Go learn to dance with experts, locals and other solo travellers. With so many people in the same boat as you, we can guarantee you won’t be alone.

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