5 annoying solo travel problems and how to solve them

As much as we love solo travel, sometimes it can throw up some challenges. But we’re not ones to be defeated so we’ve put our heads together to find the best ways to overcome these problems so you can focus on the more important things.

Don’t believe us? Here’s our top 5 annoying solo travel problems and how to solve them.

Dining alone

Not many people relish the idea of going to a restaurant and ordering a dinner for one. Not only can it seem a bit awkward to sit down alone, you may feel as if the wait staff or other patrons are judging you (Psst! They’re not :-) ).

Make it better

Take a book or your travel guide to plan your next adventures over dinner. You’ll feel less self-conscious and you might even pick up a few tips from your waiter – a great way to gain some valuable local insights that beats any guide book.

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Taking an awkward selfie

Even with the popularity of selfies, actually taking one in public can feel a little bit awkward. Getting the perfect pose, wishing you had longer arms just for this photo as well as feeling like you can’t get a nice shot of the scenery with your head taking up most of the screen – we’ve all been there.

Make it better

You could either do the whole “find someone with a nice camera and ask them to take my photo” trick, use the self-timer on your camera or phone, or give in and buy yourself a selfie stick to make things easier.

solo female traveller taking a selfie with selfie stick

Selfie stick – ‘oh so practical’ or ‘oh so not cool’?

Being an introvert

If you identify as an introvert, travelling solo can be hard. It might be that you’re surrounded by extroverts and can’t get a word in edgeways or you spend your time at the hostel trying to drum up the courage just go up and talk to that group of travellers.

Make it better

Why not try a singles holiday? They’re built to help people meet with other like-minded travellers. With the option of a private room, you can always have the privacy you desire then join in the group activities to meet other travellers, solo and otherwise. In bigger cities, you can also try walking tours or book a small day trip.

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Feeling lonely

At some point on your solo travel trip you may start to feel a little bit lonely. It might happen in the evening when you’ve gone to bed or when you encounter a group of close friends travelling together.

Make it better

Keep yourself entertained. Pick an upbeat book as a travel companion or join into evening activities if you feel lonely later at night. If it does get overwhelming, you can always give your friends and family a Skype or Facetime call to catch up.

Solo female travellers looking out over Paris by railings

Our tip: ditch the map and let your instincts guide you!

Getting lost

Getting lost in a new destination when you’re with a friend can be exciting. Getting lost in a new destination when you’re alone can just be terrifying – especially if it’s the evening and the sun’s beginning to set.

Make it better

Carry the business card from your hotel or hostel with you, or write their address down and carry it with you. That way you’ll always have the address and can get into a taxi, or ask locals for help, if you really can’t find your way back.

Another useful tip is to take a city map with you. Most hotels and hostels hand these out at reception and that way you’ll be able to navigate your way back even if your phone has died.  But try not to get to dependent – sometimes it’s good to see where the wind takes you!

Solo travel can have its ups and downs, but when you find ways to overcome the downsides, you’re set to have an amazing adventure and to learn about yourself in the process.

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